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Best Air Popcorn Poppers
Best Air Popcorn Poppers
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The taste and aroma of popcorn is something that we all like. If you're like a lot of people, air popcorn poppers are preferred over the standard poppers simply because they make the popcorn a lot healthier for you

The good news is that air poppers can also make the popcorn taste yummier, so there are multiple reasons for buying one of these appliances. It's not difficult to pick the best portable popcorn maker.

At a Glance - Best Air Popcorn Poppers

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All air poppers are similar, but they have different features. If you want to find the absolute best air popper for your needs, below are some of the features to consider:


When it comes to buying products like air popcorn poppers, most people are limited in their spending power. You can either spend lots of money or very little.

Fortunately, many of the higher-priced popcorn poppers are only higher in price because they have extra or very fancy features, and many of those features you simply won't need to make good popcorn. If a popcorn popper is much higher than the other poppers you're considering, you might want to research it to find out why.


Most people know some brands, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth your time. There are many brands you can research online. It is worth looking at customer ratings.

Also, look beyond the brand name of the product. Also, consider the manufacturer and how they make the product so you will feel comfortable about making a purchase.

The Wattage

Although you may assume that a popcorn-popper with more wattage means that it will work faster, that is not always the case. A higher wattage popcorn popper will produce popcorn faster but it doesn't necessarily mean the popcorn tastes better. Many high-wattage popcorn poppers leave a lot of kernels unpopped, so when you're researching different ones, make sure that you pay attention to all of their features, not just the wattage number.

Popcorn Consumption

Poppers that are smaller for two or fewer people will work well if your family has fewer children. You can find an air popcorn maker that is large enough to make large amounts or just small batches. These appliances come in sizes to suit everyone's needs.

The Size of the Popper

Not all air popcorn makers are the best. The standard size popcorn popper can hold between four and eight ounces of popcorn. Other sizes are capable of holding 32 ounces. That being said, keep in mind that a four-ounce popper is appropriate for most households because anything bigger than that is usually considered ideal for commercial use.

We Picked the Top Five Air Popcorn Poppers

If you're curious about some of the best air popcorn poppers on the market today, below are a handful of them for you to consider.

Hot Air Popcorn Maker KodaQo

It is an easy-to-use, high quality and reliable popper. A switch to turn on or off and a start button are available for you to use whenever you wish to pop some popcorn. It uses 1200-watts to cook the kernels evenly.

The popcorn pops by simply placing the kernels inside the top of the machine. Next, you can press the Start Button and wait for it to begin popping. Popcorn is ready within two to three minutes.

The cover can be removed for cleaning, and the cup has a measuring cup to ensure you have the right batch each time. This machine also comes equipped with nonslip feet so it can be held steady when in operation. Even better, the KodaQo air popcorn maker is big enough to make great popcorn but not so big that it gets in the way. This popcorn maker takes up little space in your cabinet, which will make it one of the things that you'll be most proud to have.


  • Dependable
  • Cooks must cook equally
  • Affordable


  • Choice of limited to red colors

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Soltronics Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Soltronics has three color options for the hot air popcorn machine - green, red and white. The Soltronics popper produces very little unpopped kernels, making it very easy to use.

BPA-free, 1200-watt power popper. The cup can be removed and used as a measuring cup. You just need to add the kernels, and click the Start button.

This machine is not only efficient, but also fast. You can whip up a batch of delicious popcorn in as little as two or three minutes. It has a safety feature that turns off the machine if it overheats. It is both easy-to-clean and small enough to be used in any room that could use a popcorn maker. This popcorn popper is very handy.


  • Few unpopped kernals
  • Includes measuring cup
  • Fast


  • Butter in a machine?

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Uncanny Brands Star Wars Hot Air Popcorn Maker

The hot-air popcorn maker can pop up to 8 cups at once. It also features a Star Wars theme that kids will love. It doubles up as a bowl and has a 98% burst speed, meaning that there are very few kernels left unpopped when it's done.

Popping is made much more fun with the transparent covering. The kernels will turn into popcorn pieces as you watch them pop. The best part is that it makes popcorn in just two to three minutes.

This convenient popcorn maker includes a measuring cup. It is super easy to clean and only weighs around two pounds, which means that moving it from one location to another is a breeze. You can make enough popcorn to host a movie night at home. It is easy-to-use, clean and delicious. To make healthy popcorn, you only need one cup of kernels.


  • 8 cups in one go
  • It's like a dying star
  • Easy to clean


  • Oh, no, we love it.

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GreenLife Hot Air Popcorn Maker

The hot Walmart Air Popper Popcorn popcorn cooker is available in 3 colors: red, pink, or turquoise. You can cook up to 18 cups of popcorn with it, so you'll be ready for the next movie night. The unit is very easy to use. Simply place the kernels in the top and hit the Start button. It's lightweight at three pounds and heats fast.

People love that the removable parts of this popper can all be placed in the dishwasher, making it easy to clean. Easy to use, the 1200-watt popper takes up very little space on your counter. If you love popcorn but want it to be healthy, this hot air popcorn popper is for you, especially because it comes at a price that won't break the bank.


  • You have the option of choosing from a variety colors
  • At once, 18 cups
  • Dishwasher-friendly


  • As it runs, you might have to tip the machine

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Presto Poplite Hot Air Popcorn Maker

It is very lightweight at two pounds. This makes it easy to carry from one spot to another. It is tiny but can still make up to 18 cups without oil and fat in two and half minutes. This chute has been so designed that every popcorn goes into the bowl. You can also make gourmet or regular popcorn. Simply add the kernels to the pan and hit the Start button.

Also, the popper comes equipped with a built in cord wrap. Once you're finished, wrap it and store the unit. It can be easily cleaned by wiping the bottom and covering.

A one year limited warranty is included with this unit, giving you peace of mind. This popcorn machine is a great choice if you are looking for fast and healthy popcorn, but don't have the budget to spend a lot.


  • The lightweight
  • In one sitting, you can have 18 cups
  • It comes with a butter melter


  • Supervision required

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Last words

We hope you found this article helpful in finding the ideal air popcorn popper. If you have any questions, please let us now. We will be happy to answer them. Whether it is a budget-friendly option or one that looks like an artist-designed it specifically for popping up some delicious snacks, there is something out there for every taste preference.



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